Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This city

I feel very privileged to live here. I've been having a lot of fun in Fukuoka lately and really loving it. I am excited to discover much more in the coming year and a half!290 yen ramen. Pretty unbelievable? There's a 280 yen ramen place right around the corner from my workplace. I'm a bit terrified to try it.
But don't force it!
Back there is Nakasu, the red-light district. I hear there are actually some fun, interesting, not insane/scary things to do there.
Oooh. ACROS on the left.
Nakasu to the left, Canal City in the far center.
ACROS and this very unusual futuristic building (it's an insurance company or something).
ACROS and one of the many offshoots of the Nakagawa (Naka River).
Entrance to ACROS.
This ride was pimped out.
Obligatory ACROS shot.
IMS (Inter Media Station) to the left, where I sometimes go to work (it's a 15 story mall). My office would be to the right of that little Aflac sign on the right. But the building isn't anything worth photographing.
Mitsukoshi, an up-scale department store/train station/huge bus terminal, all in one.
Tenjin. Nice.
A public toilet for dogs. Not kidding! I didn't realize this was here until a few days ago.
An amazing bento box clock display.
Kirameki-dori, "Glitter Avenue," as seen from the station entrance.

Japan never ceases to amuse

I think it's actually a shoe store, but brilliant name nonetheless.
Some underwear I bought from Uniqlo... not quite sure what they have in mind here ^^;
Translation: EyeBRow Brush Set

Haha, I love Japan. More to come, without a doubt.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hakatakko, which means "child of Hakata"
Inside, the joint was jumping (I think it sat 11-12?)

Fukuoka is famous for it's yatai, which are food stalls that pop up all over town around 5pm and are open late into the night. They mainly cater to tourists and drunk businessmen, but some are supposedly quite good. In general, however, they are overpriced and mediocre. I actually hadn't been to one until today, and I was largely underwhelmed. The atmosphere is kind of cool (though the people who run it are incredibly cranky), and while I'm glad I had the experience, I doubt I will be going back for more. It was some of the worst Hakata ramen I've had X_X
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