Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Washoi, washoi

I felt a lot of Fukuoka Pride this past week showing the Malaysian kids around. How gorgeous is my city (new header photo)???? Goldilocks would totally choose Fukuoka. It's just right. Not too big like the seemingly never-ending metropolitan sprawl of Tokyo that would strike fear into the heart of Godzilla himself. Nor is it too small like the towns that make up most of the rest of this country. I do need to get out and explore more of the city itself, though. There are so many interesting areas, I just need to find them!

Several more epic picture posts to follow in the coming days, before I HEAD HOME FOR THE CHRIMBOLS!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i just had what was officially the busiest day of my Life. i will try to update over the weekend with details, but for now i will leave you contemplating my santa-shaped, custard-filled bread. is japan not the craziest place ever?

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wow, what a beautiful city. Mountains and water- it really reminded me of SanFran or Seattle, in a way. Didn't hurt that we had a gorgeous day! Onto the picture-by-picture narration...

Pretty rural scenery in Saga Prefecture
Ooooh mountains of Nagasaki Prefecture in the distance
Welcome to Nagasaki!!!!!
Adorable street cars. They came every three minutes- super convenient!
Hahahaha. This is how they used to perceive westerners.
Miffy at the Dejima Factory historical site whatsit. I didn't know Miffy was Dutch...
I LOVE the avocado-green of these shutters.
This church on Dejima is actually pretty old.
Layout of the island. Not that big really. Can be walked end-to-end in about 5 minutes. The only Dutchman who actually got to live on the island was the ship captain. Apparently all the crew had to live on their ship in Nagasaki Harbor O_o
Replica of Dejima. I love these kinds of miniatures.
Another view of the replica with the lovely autumn colors in the background.
One of the original buildings (storage?)
NAGASAKI CHAMPON at Shikairo, where it was invented in mid-Meiji
Urgh it was gigantic. I couldn't quite finish it. (I left some of the squid since it was pretty chewy)
View of the beautiful city from the restaurant
Shikairo, aka the Great Hall of Champon (not really)
Adorable children's library on the way up to Oura Church
Oura Church, which is supposedly the oldest church in Japan. There was also a Divinity School in back.
Beautiful fall colors seen from the steps of the church, with the hills across the harbor in the distance.
Cute couple getting married. The bride was wearing 5-inch platform shoes and her dress looked like a wedding cake. But at least they look happy!
Yes, my friends, the site of the first bowling alley in Japan. Ever.
The harbor as seen from the ferry, departing for Ioujima (onsennnnnn!)
Katie with the surprising random olive orchard (they sold ridiculously expensive local olive oil at the resort)

Overall, a really fun (exploring), relaxing (in the hot spring), tasty (champon) Nagasaki adventure! I hope to visit again many times.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I woke up this morning to fog horns. Not terribly unusual, since I live a stone's throw away from Hakata Bay, but this is actually the first time I have heard the horns. Assumed there must be some fog. Assumed Right. When I got out of my apartment, I could barely see the elevated highway that is about 50 yards away from my hallway. And when I got on the bus, I couldn't see more than 100 yards in any direction. Kind of freaky! But also nice, because it's totally balmy out and not frigid like it has been. There wasn't any fog in Tenjin, which leads me to believe it must have been blowing off the Bay into the east (where I live).

Just glad I didn't choose to do my laundry last night. Nothing would have dried for a week.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Part 2

Here's Part 2. I'm caught up for now!!!

These are so good. Taste like those chocolate-coated after dinner mint stick things.
A $1,300 alpaca Hello Kitty tunic I saw in the in-flight shopping catalogue. I am going to see if Debbie can copy the pattern, muahahahaha
Our nice hotel room in Chiba
The AWESOME bathroom with its AWESOME shower
Eliza's friends surprised us with a "Welcome to Japan" dessert!
Our waiter was super-cute ^____^
How sweet of them!
The wishing tree bell thing that played a song after you rang it. How Disney!
Just ok. I prefer tea-flavored ice-cream.
Clouds rolling in over Hakata Ward
Do you have a Honda??????
The sumo ring
Shino and I shared a sumo bento
Sumo wrestlers with their fancy apron things
The Bulgarian (Katooshu) is on the left in black
His butt- more impressive than most
Hakuho's ring-entering procession
Asashoryu's ring-entering procession
Go, yogurt-man, go!
The bow-twirling ceremony at the end of the day's matches
Mmmmmm halal curry
Rain over Hakata Port

Fukuoka Tower
Huge scary (but probably delicious) crabs
A case of whale meat. The owner took out a block of boiled whale meat and cut me a piece. Probably not the tastiest way to eat whale (whale burger?). Soooo fatty. Not too keen on it.
ACROS in the rain
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