Saturday, August 8, 2009


I cannot describe how hot and humid and generally miserable the summer in Japan is. From the moment I wake up, I begin sweating. I know I could turn on my airconditioner and sleep in the other room (new apartment has quite large couch that converts into a bed), but that would be expensive, plus I don't even sleep all that well in when the AC is on. Until October rolls around, it is going to be pretty gross around here.

Ooh, there's so much to tell, but where to start? Now that I'm settled I will try writing a bit more often so that I don't have to recap so much.

On Tueday night my adviser invited me out to a welcome-back-to-Fukuoka party for some of his college friends. It was an interesting group of people, all around 30 years old, and I could keep up with some of their conversation. We ate many little plates of food, among which was 馬刺, raw horse meat. Don't knock it 'til you try it, for it's quite delish. I wish I'd had my camera with me at the time. But I'm sure I'll eat it again :)

I'm soooo relieved to finally be in my apartment. It was convenient to live right downtown (5 minutes from work), but now I will really be able to settle in. The apartment is quite big (2 tatami rooms, a dining area, kitchen, bathtub room, toilet room) and it is completely furnished. The only things I have had to buy so far are a set of sheets, a new pillow, and a bathmat. I will probably buy a few more things to make it a bit home-ier (my predecessor was a 25-year old male... enough said?), but I really have everything I need. I may also replace a few things as time goes by, but for now, I'm set! I'll take some daytime pictures over the next few days (my bedroom is flooded with light in the morning!), but for now I will leave you with the views south from my veranda, morning and evening.


risris said... looks like you're pretty city?! You must be having a lot of fun...and I'm impressed that you're exploring despite this weather!! I think I've gone to the three supermarkets in my town every single day...

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