Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robots and towers and takoyaki, oh my!

Synchronized dancing robots! Apparently Fukuoka is the place to come to study robots...
Quite graceful, really.

Then they break it down!
Fukuoka Tower in all its shiny glory
Oh no! Looks like I'm gonna need True Love's Kiss!
Looking up inside the tower
One of those funny fancy chapels for over-the-top western-style weddings
Ok so to the very left is the coast, the middle is Nokonoshima (and island in Hakata Bay), then the tiny shadowy thing behind it is Genkaishima (another island), and to the right is Shikanoshima which connects to Umi no Nakamichi
Shikanoshima and Umi no Nakamichi
Did I mention GORGEOUS? That's looking east, towards my mountains
Oh hi.
The white round-ish looking building is Marine World, the aquarium in previous posts
G....... orgeous
To the west!
To the south!
To the east!
Tasia and Emily's homemade takoyaki adventure! Takoyaki can be translated as "octopus balls" but only because they contain bits of octopus and are round
Flipping them is an art
Uhhhhh this is not what they are supposed to look like...
Ok that's better. But too doughy >< Need to try a different recipe next time
Cute little octopi on my machine
The finished product (with takoyaki sauce, mayo, and fish flakes). Not too bad for beginners.
STOP!! MEAT sign at the international terminal of the airport
Kego Park, decorated for Christmas. Really lovely!! By day this park is kinda crappy looking though.
Nice! Romantical!
The Nimoca... mongoose? Ferret? I dunno what he is but he's cute and he's the mascot for Nishitetsu buses/trains.


risris said...

fukuoka looks gorgeous!! i'm so excited to see it for myself!!
only five more days!!

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