Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the World's Most Beautiful Tuber is...

So, I know I still need to upload my pictures from the farm, but in the meanwhile I have some colorful and drool-worthy food shots to share.My friend T and I read a lot of food porn (aka food blogs) when we have free time. One of our favorites, of course, is smittenkitchen (LINK). The gal at SK almost never fails to produce something that we REALLY REALLY want to make, but for some reason we just HAD to make this (LINK) recipe ASAP. It's nothing fancy, but OH MAN was it good: crusty, seed-filled bread spread with goat-cheese, topped with chives and gently scrambled eggs. We added the avocado because we pretty much can't make anything without adding avocado.
We also had wine, salad, and some olives (provided by another friend who had bought nearly a gallon at Costco... God bless Costco!). It was somewhat decadent, but not overly so, and it was the first time I had actually made such a meal in aaages!
Next, I have to share with you the World's Most Beautiful Tuber. The murasaki imo, or purple potato. It's probably closest related to the sweet potato/yam, and it's used throughout Asia to make colorful, healthy deserts. JUST LOOK AT THE COLOR!
I guess they don't look THAT special when you boil them (btw, the skins have been removed).
But mash them up...
... and add some yogurt/artificial sweetener...
.... they become a thing of unparalleled beauty. Oh my god, that is one of my favorite colors IN THE WORLD. And it's delicious! And healthy!


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