Sunday, November 22, 2009

Part 2

Here's Part 2. I'm caught up for now!!!

These are so good. Taste like those chocolate-coated after dinner mint stick things.
A $1,300 alpaca Hello Kitty tunic I saw in the in-flight shopping catalogue. I am going to see if Debbie can copy the pattern, muahahahaha
Our nice hotel room in Chiba
The AWESOME bathroom with its AWESOME shower
Eliza's friends surprised us with a "Welcome to Japan" dessert!
Our waiter was super-cute ^____^
How sweet of them!
The wishing tree bell thing that played a song after you rang it. How Disney!
Just ok. I prefer tea-flavored ice-cream.
Clouds rolling in over Hakata Ward
Do you have a Honda??????
The sumo ring
Shino and I shared a sumo bento
Sumo wrestlers with their fancy apron things
The Bulgarian (Katooshu) is on the left in black
His butt- more impressive than most
Hakuho's ring-entering procession
Asashoryu's ring-entering procession
Go, yogurt-man, go!
The bow-twirling ceremony at the end of the day's matches
Mmmmmm halal curry
Rain over Hakata Port

Fukuoka Tower
Huge scary (but probably delicious) crabs
A case of whale meat. The owner took out a block of boiled whale meat and cut me a piece. Probably not the tastiest way to eat whale (whale burger?). Soooo fatty. Not too keen on it.
ACROS in the rain


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