Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Behold! A post!

I am feeling pretty good right now even though I am awfully exhausted. I finished a hat for my Hawaiian friend, and I went to the gym got a good workout in even though I was cranky and tired. I have been trying to eat more traditional-style Japanese foods, fish and pickles in particular, since they are so healthy and low in calories. The other night I made a pretty excellent Japanese meal!

I read that kimchi is among the world's top five healthiest foods (along with Greek-style yogurt, lentils, soy, and olive oil), and since I enjoy kimchi for the most part (so long as it's not ridiculously spicy), I am trying to eat more of it too. I will have to ask the Korean CIR if Japanese kimchi (hardly spicy, since Japanese people cannot tolerate spicy foods) is as healthy as Korean kimchi. I bet she will say it's not, haha. Cooking my own fish is a pain in the butt, though, and makes my house smell, so I will probably just buy roasted fish from any supermarket in the area on the day I plan on eating it.

On to the hat! It's a pattern by my favorite Scottish designer and it took me just two days to finish. I am probably going to make one for myself!
Yes, that is a huge pile of clean underwear in the background.


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