Monday, April 5, 2010

Stirrings of Sakura: Maizuru Park

Sun! This was my first time in Maizuru Park, I am somewhat ashamed to say... It's really quite huge and houses the ruins of Fukuoka Castle (not much to see, boo).
Crazy sideways sakura tree.
Oooh illuminated
Ooooh (there's not much else to say)
Shadows on the castle ruins (replica? dunno).
Nice flower-viewing spot... when the flowers come out!
Oh hi, there you are, gorgeous.
Oooooooers. I like them with the red benches.
A funny little fellow I met while flower-viewing. Nice kicks!
Ohhh, the pink ones are the BEST.
Strange mostly-naked alien-like sakura tree.
Oooh it looked even better on the way back.


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