Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greenery at Komyozenji (and some food)

I have been to Dazaifu (city just south of Fukuoka) a grand total of 5 times in the last 10 months, and every time except one, it was PERFECT weather. Dazaifu seems to be one of those Magical Places where the sky is just a little bit closer to the earth. Well, I went again in April and experienced yet another breathtaking day. I went to the Tenmangu Shrine again, as well as Komyozenji (a zen temple), which I took lovely photos of back in THIS POST. This time was very different, as it was the perfect time of year to witness the 新緑 (shinryoku, "new verdure"). The garden was the same, but the scene was completely different. My favorite shade of green!Everyone in Japan who owns a home has some kind of flowering/fruit-bearing tree growing in their yard. Jealous! Though I think I am most jealous of T from Hawai'i, who says she has an avocado tree in her yard that bears more fruit each year than her family can eat themselves. WHAT.
Ever a beautiful sky over Dazaifu.
So green!
I don't really have anything to say except, I love this garden and I love this green!
Green green green.
A "National Geographic" shot from inside the temple, in case you weren't convinced how green the garden was.
Dazaifu is famous for it's plums. This is an umegayamochi (I think I've written about them? famous piping-hot red bean-filled mochi cake in Dazaifu...) and homemade plum juice.
The tiny, amazingly constructed garden behind the restaurant.
Katsudon. Enlarge this picture and you will be very, very jealous that I live in Japan.
Saw this salon walking back to the station. I'm not sure I want my hair to be cut/styled somewhere called "Medusa," if you know what I mean...


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I came here to look up "Umegayamochi", but let me say awesome blog in general!!

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