Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the increasing randomness of my life

last month it was models. this month, an incredibly famous japanese actor. i was chatting with s before wrapping up work and she says "our coworker just saw tsumabuki satoshi here in city hall." i was like, WHAT. it made sense though. he's got a movie coming out based on a true story of something that happened here in kyushu. i've seen the trailer. not sure how excited i am about the movie, but i was definitely excited about the prospect of seeing him. five minutes later i was waiting on the first floor of city hall with s and lee-san, who had the brilliant notion that because the actors would be traveling with their managers and entourage (to give formal greetings to the mayor of fukuoka city), they would be using taxi buses, which were parked near one exit to city hall. so we waited there for a bit less than ten minutes, hoping that they wouldn't be using the underground parking lot. s was texting away with her back to the elevators when low and behold, there they were. tsumabuki satoshi and his female co-star. with loads of people, of course. but still. at first i didn't recognize him because DAMN he is short (maybe a tad taller than me), but so was cillian murphy. he is also absolutely adorable, and i definitely caught his eye, but he looked down really quickly. he was nearly out the door when i said, "s, he's right there" and she looked up and was only able to see the back of his (gorgeous) head. he was wearing a black vest over a grey shirt and looked oh so handsome.i can't help it, i've always been star-struck since my parents took me to meet "captain henry von trapp the fifth" (christopher plummer) at blossom the summer i was five or so. and how could i not be excited, for such a very charming and fine specimen of a japanese man! look at that face!
he was already famous, but the recent historical tv show "tenchijin" put him through the roof in terms of popularity. it's kind of funny because he ends up super old at the end of the 50-ish episode show. but mmmm, he's in one of my favorite dramas (orange days). and mmm, i am just happy. this unusual lucky streak just can't go on much longer, i'm sure of it.


risris said...

funny how that first picture makes him look tall, though :)

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