Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taiwan, Last Day

So my last day in Taiwan, I actually didn't want to do anything but shop and chill out, because I had caught a TERRIBLE summer cold the 2nd day of my trip, and was pretty miserable by this point. It didn't help that I went through about nine hundred drastic temperature changes every day from being outdoors to riding the subway to shopping to hiking. I comforted myself by spending too much money on a brand of Korean skincare that is available in Japan but crazily marked up.
Went to eat Peking duck with some Japanese kids staying in my hostel. There were four of us, but the course was for six people, so there was waaaaaaaay too much food. And I barely had any appetite anyways. What I did taste was delicious. Though I have eaten the dish in its namesake city!
This dude is such a pro, he cuts up ducks ALL DAY.
Yum yum yum yum yum oh man I wish I'd had more of an appetite.
I was soooo tired and sick and didn't want to do any more sight-seeing or museum-ing or anything in Taipei, so Joe and I tried to go to this teahouse in the teahills in the southern part of the city, but the gondola cable car thing that you have to take to get there was closed for the day. We went back to the center of the city to this 1950's era Russian teahouse, where we lounged and drank tea for at least 2 hours. My tea was spiked with brandy, which was just what the doctor ordered for my annoying cold. Mmm I will replicate this come wintertime.
Got up at 5am the next morning to catch my flight back to Fukuoka. That made two 3am wake ups and one 5am wake up in less than one week. The airport had all these culture display, like about the Taiwanese indigenous tribes and stuff. This orchid one was nice. Did not know that orchids are called phalaenopsis. Cool word.
Pretty, though I think it's funny that people get crazy about prize orchids.
Ready to return to FUK. Had a great time in Taiwan, despite my cold, and hope to go back someday!


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