Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keya Beach

Sometimes I forget I live right next to the ocean. One of Fukuoka's most appealing points to me is that it is the best of both worlds- mountains and water. Indecisive people like me (who really just love both) don't have to choose between forest paths/rice paddies and fishing villages/ferries. This summer I went to the beach three times. These pictures are from the summer's first beach excursion to Keya on the Itoshima Peninsula west of the city. I hadn't been here since last year's Sunset Live music festival (this year's SL was the following weekend, pics to come), and it was a treat to go to this beautiful swimming beach with so few people around. And while at this time all the Fukuoka City beaches were plagued with swarms of jellyfish, we didn't see a single one in the delicious water at Keya. It happened to be The Most Perfect Beach Day.

Couldn't really think of any captions other than "Ohhh, do you see how amazing it was?" We found this random abandoned TV on the beach as we were leaving. I would like to thank my Pentax for so beautifully capturing this day. Looking at these photos, I can remember how fantastic it was!


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