Friday, October 22, 2010

Seoul Getaway Day 1

Over a long weekend at the end of September, K and I went to Seoul for a weekend getaway. It was the shortest international vacation I've ever taken, but Seoul is closer than Tokyo (about an hour by plane), and it was amazing to be able to leave my house and be passing through Incheon customs only 2 hours later. The trip left me want to learn much, much more about the Korean peninsula, as well as the desire to eat kimchi every day for the rest of my life.
 Arrival at Incheon International Airport. As you know, I like shiny reflective buildings oooh.
 Tour bus swept us from the airport into the city (and hour drive) and on the way to the duty-free store, we passed some big important-seeming museum (of the Koreas? war museum? not entirely sure)
 60 years of the Republic of South Korea. I must know more about Korean history!
 Hahaha, never see these in Japan!
Seoul Tower. Didn't get there, but hopefully next time! 
This monstrosity is a duty free store. More like, duty-free MALL. South Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese take duty-free shopping VERY SERIOUSLY. 
Fancy hotel after which the duty-free store/mall is named. 
 I LOVE SEOUL ALREADY! Unfortunately, no hazelnut iced coffee. But still.
 Our hotel was in Myeongdong, a super swanky part of town.
Shopping GALORE. 
 Care to go SHOPPING?
 Lotteria, which we have in Japan as well, is owned by Lotte, a company that practically owns South Korea (ok I'm exhausted by typing South Korea, let's just call it "Korea" even though that's not entirely politically correct). In my opinion, a cheaper and less delicious version of McDonald's (which is both slightly pricey but rather delicious here in Japan).
 Skinfood, to the right, is one of my favorite Korean brands. I think there were 5 Skinfood stores within a 3 block radius. Myeongdong is insane!
 There were a lot more big American chains in Seoul than I've seen in Japan, even in Tokyo. We passed at least 3 Outback Steakhouses during our trip!
Korean BBQ, oh baby. 
They drive on the right here. The civilized side of the road! 
At most Korean restaurants, they start you off with banchan, small plates of food that are usually spicy. Kimchi is, of course, almost always served. I love, love, LOVE banchan
Daikon radish, I think. Absolute love. 
Some green vegetable. More love. 
Sliced raw garlic that you dip in gochujang, an intensely spicy red paste. I ate a lot of this. No kissing for me! Later that night I went to a Korean spa and as I was sitting in the dry sauna (aka Hell), I could SMELL the garlic seeping out of my pores. Perhaps not sexy, but healthy, no doubt!
SAMGETANG! Hotpot with half a chicken stuff with rice, veggies, ginger, all kinds of deliciousness. The chicken just melted off the bone. 
 Some samgetang with your ginger root?
Destroyed it. 
Din Tai Fung, the same dumpling restaurant I went to in Taipei but was too busy eating delicious dumplings to photograph! 
Lotte Department Store. Simply MASSIVE. 
Myeongdong at night. 
Things are open way later here than Japan, where most stores close at 8pm. LAME. Another Skinfood to the right, teehee. 
 Finished off our first (half) day in Seoul with KRISPY KREME. Seoul has got it all, man.


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