Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gigantic Catch-up Picture Post, Part 1

I know I never update and I am super lame, but that is just a fact of life.

Nakasu and all the yatai, with Canal City in the background.
Canal City
Kushida Shrine's light-up

Illuminated cut-out of the Gion Yamakasa
Shotenji's rock garden illuminated ooooooers
I am a photographic genius
Ehime Prefecture mikans!!!!!!!!!
My Halloween makeup
Kinako-flavored Kit-Kats... REALLY GOOD.
We had our international-student recreation day at the ruins of the 9th century seat of government in Dazaifu
My adorable co-workers!!
Me and a few of my adorable co-workers. I felt very proud to don my Hakata Dontaku happi
Typical suburban-rural-ish homes with their gardens
Late-blooming cosmos
The Kyushu National Museum. I am a sucker for mirrored buildings
Inside the museum, a huge decorative float based on those used in the Yamakasa
The crazy tall escalator
Went to yakiniku afterwards with my coworkers- here we are roasting scallops nommmm


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