Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures with fish-grilling drawer

Can't argue with the price. Two fish for $2! And sooooo healthy.
The mysterious fish-grilling drawer. I will conquer you!
Aw, crap. Some people are able to grill their sanma whole, but mine were either super long or my drawer is super short. This was probably the least fun part of the process.
I realized only after I fired up the drawer that this cover thing says "ABSOLUTELY DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THIS COVER WHEN GRILLING."
Just grillin'.
A gruesome end.
See how the top half is white? Time to flip!
All done! The water at the bottom of the drawer catches the drippings, making cleanup somewhat easier, and also prevents the whole thing from catching on fire!
Tonight's dinner, tomorrow night's dinner.
Oooh baby, you lookin' fine tonight.
Dinner! Clockwise from top left: takuan (pickled daikon radish, my fav), ponzu sauce (classic with grilled fish, but I ended up not using any because I destroyed that fish in no time), good old short-grain white rice (but oh nooo it turned out weird and dry-ish because I added that extra tiny bit at the bottom of the bag and apparently didn't adjust the water amount accordingly ;_;), baby green salad with half an avocado and aojiso non-oil salad dressing (YUM), perfectly grilled sanma
If you have mad skillz like me, you can remove the spine with nearly or all of the bones still attached. The flipped-up part at the top is where the money is nommm. The bottom can be eaten too, but you have to be careful to scrape away all the guts (bitter ewww!).
Emily, 1. Sanma, 0.


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