Monday, February 8, 2010

My (messy) apartment

I should have taken these ages ago, but my room was either too messy or the light wasn't good enough, so finally! Some pictures of my abode.Hallway, which is on the exact same level as the intra-city highway. It's not too loud, thankfully, and thank heavens it's not on the bedroom side. After 4am garbage trucks in NYC, this may as well be a field in the middle of nowhere.
Welcome to Casa Emily.
My genkan (where you take your shoes off). Usually there is a much greater explosion of shoes, but I straightened up for you all. Excuse the bra hanging up in the background.
A bit blurry. My "oven" on the right, and my dining room table complete with mikans and all manners of junk (I almost never eat here). Why are my sneakers on the table, you ask? Because they are my gym sneakers and they MUST be shoes that you only wear indoors. Sometimes I disregard this since I find it super annoying to have to pad around barefoot in the gym (certain areas are NO SHOES ALLOWED. Even though they are indoor shoes.... I don't get it either...).
My genkan and kitchen, also messy.
Toilet/bathroom/washer area. Shower/bathroom is at the far left, and toilet room is the one with the towel hanging on the door. My bathroom is kind of scary and crappy so I won't make you suffer any pictures of that.
Messy bedroom. With glorious down comforter, FINALLY. I spend almost no time in here except to sleep.
Messy living room with kotatsu (the table that has a heater and makes your legs nice and toasty while the rest of you freezes in your freezing apartment).
Messy bedroom with gigantic closet doors in the background. That's all.


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