Monday, February 8, 2010

Kashii Shrine on a beautiful day

... to this!
Kashii Shrine is about a 15-20 minute bike-ride from my apartment.
Typical but pretty.
One of the best things about Japan is the crazy ancient pine trees that they just let grow however they like.
This trip for me is what the Japanese call hatsumode, or the first shrine visit of the year. Gotta pray for health and wealth, you know?
This one's for Mom.
Pine tree again. Pretty huge and ancient.
Us lions, we gotta stick together.
Terrifying self-portrait taken by chance when my camera didn't adjust to the light quickly enough.
Bye, gigantic old tree.
Bye, shrine.
This is the road I biked along to get there. I didn't know that such a lovely street was just right around the corner!
Oooh! Unusual for Japan.
The mountains I can see from my veranda. Nice day ^_^


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